Staffordshire Wedding Photography

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer Neil Bennett

Neil Bennett has been a professional photographer for over 10 years and is based in Staffordshire, England.

He specialises in family portrait, weddings and pet photography. His passion for photography started at a young age and he has since developed a unique style and has gained a wealth of experience. He loves creating lasting memories for his clients and he is always looking for new ways to capture the beauty of life.

In 2019, Neil married Emma Bennett and the two have been happily married ever since. In his spare time, Neil enjoys listening to music, playing golf, watching Formula One and spending time with friends. He also loves to explore the outdoors.

Overall, Neil Bennett is passionate about photography and loves to capture the beauty of life in his photos.

My Approach To Weddings

Every wedding are different, but my approach is the same, you will get NATURAL, MODERN and RELAXED photos of the day and when you order your album it will tell you a STORY.

I don’t do posed photos, I capture what is happening on the day from the crying to the giggles, from mates having a laugh to Dad dancing, from guests smiling to girls having selfies. What ever is happening I will be there to capture it for you.

When the Bride and Groom rocks the first dance

Love seeing the creativity my couples have.